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MINNESOTA Continuing Education (CE) Requirements

This information is intended to provide answers to commonly asked questions by insurance agents. It is not intended to replace detailed information found in your state’s statutes and regulations. Though we have made reasonable efforts to ensure that the information given is reliable and current, we cannot guarantee that it is. For more information please contact your state insurance department. See contact information below.

Hours Required
All producers must complete 24 credit hours of continuing education including 3 credit hours of Ethics (see Course Subject Requirements below)

All Adjusters muct complete 24 credit hours of continuing education including 3 credit hours of Ethics biennially.

Compliance Date The last day of the producer’s birth month.

Approved Course Delivery Methods
· Online self-study courses with a passing grade of 70% required on final exam
· Classroom
· Textbook with a passing grade of 70% on final exam, monitored by a verifiable proctor (see Exam Requirements)
· Company Sponsored Seminar (only 50% of credits may be taken this way)

Exam Requirements
Online final exams do not have a monitor requirement.  The Minnesota Department of Commerce REQUIRES that insurance continuing education ONLINE courses "include technology to guarantee seat time". This means that you must spend at least 50 minutes per credit hour in a course in order receive credit for the course. Additionally, the course must stop recording time spent after 10 minutes of inactivity. The user must be actively engaged in the course in order to receive time credit for the course. You can read the Minnesota statute here.

Textbook final exams require a proctor. Both student and proctor must complete and mail or fax an affidavit of completion to Cape School.  A proctor must be a disinterested third party with no conflict of interest who verifies a student's identity and processes an affidavit testifying that the student received no outside assistance with the course or examination.  Eligible Individuals are at least 18 years of age who are neither members of the student's family nor individuals who have a financial interest in the student's success on the exam. Coworkers do not qualify if they supervise or report to the student.

Course Subject Requirements
· All producers must complete 3 credit hours of Ethics
· All producers who sell federal flood insurance policies are required to complete a one-time 3-hour requirement on flood insurance
· All Minnesota producers licensed for accident and health or sickness insurance or life insurance may not sell, solicit, or negotiate long-term care insurance or a partnership policy unless the individual has completed an initial, one-time training course. The initial one-time training must be no less than 8 hours long, and ongoing training must be no less than 4 hours long and occur every 24 months. The training must be specific to Minnesota Medicaid/Medical Assistance and its relationship to Minnesota Partnership plans – this applies to both residents and nonresidents.

Suitability In Annuity - An insurance producer who is otherwise entitled to engage in the sale of annuity products shall complete a onetime four-credit training course approved by the commissioner and provided by a continuing education provider.

Carryover Credits
Excess CE credit hours may not be carried over to the next reporting period.

Course Repetition Courses may not be taken more than once during the same licensing period.

· Individuals licensed less than 6 months prior to the first renewal date are exempt from the first reporting period
· Individuals who hold a full-lines license but use it to sell only credit life, credit accident health and/or credit property. (Must request exemption form from the insurance department.)
· Non-resident producers who reside in states with CE requirements, as long as the state had a reciprocal agreement with Minnesota

Credit Reporting
Cape will report continuing education credits to Sircon within 10 days of course completion.

Contact Information:
If you have any questions regarding renewal or credits, please contact:

Minnesota Department of Commerce
Office of the Commissioner
85 7th Place East, Suite 500
St. Paul, MN 55101
(651) 539-1600
(800) 657-3602

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