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Partner/Corporate Program

Companies must grow to stay alive, and in today’s economy that often means controlling costs without sacrificing quality. Cape School has 37 years’ experience in delivering quality, professional education at affordable prices. Cape has always felt that exceptional customer service is a must – our success depends on your success.  Cape School offers flexible systems to enroll, monitor and license your employees. We have constructed a number of Corporate Program Plans that work well, but if you have special needs we listen.

Some of the Benefits of Cape School's Corporate Program Include:

• Discount pricing
• Real Time Access to your employee's activity and customized reports to fit your specific needs
• Partner website with your logo throughout to promote your branding and discount pricing
• Nationwide course catalog for all license types including specialty courses
• Customize training for your organization
• More choices with Cape than any other provider: Online, Classroom, written self-study.

A partnership with Cape School ensures that your people obtain the best education at the lowest price. 
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