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Introduction to Judgments
The course begins with an overview of civil judgments. Foreign judgments are explained, as is legislation known as the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act. The consequences of default judgments and confessions of judgment are presented. Next, the various means of judgment enforcement are described, including levies of execution, garnishments and judgment liens. A basic overview of the types of enforcement regulations found in various states is then made. Enforcement regulations covered include those addressing judgment time limits, exempt property, judgments by confession, judgment interest and foreign judgments. The creation of attachments is the subject of the next topic, followed by examples from various states of the laws applicable to their creation. Next, a basic overview of the characteristics of judgment liens is provided, including the nature of judgment liens as involuntary, the concept of lien priority, jurisdiction, and the requirement of final judgments. An explanation of the methods used to satisfy or terminate a judgment lien is given, and the course ends with a case study of the process a creditor uses to enforce a judgment lien according to state law.