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As of July 1, 2014, 41 state mortgage agencies have adopted the UST. The remaining state agencies may elect to adopt the UST at a future date, but they are not required to do so. State agencies which choose not to adopt the UST will continue to require applicants to take and pass the current state specific test components. For a list of state agencies that have adopted the UST, see the UST Adoption Map and Table.

The Stand-alone UST is no longer available for enrollment. Individuals who did not enroll in the Stand-alone UST by March 31, 2014 and are seeking licensure in a state that has adopted the UST will be required to take the National Test with Uniform State Content.

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Mortgage Law Exam Preparation Tools
SAVE! Interactive Online Package: Mortgage TestPREP and UST Prep Course
Online - NMLS Exam Preparation


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UST Exam Preparation Course
Exam Preparation for the NMLS Uniform State Test
#Exam Prep
0 $79 
Mortgage Law Exam Preparation Tools
Mortgage TESTPREP - Online Exam Simulator
6 month access to nearly 500 questions; generate exams to prepare you for the NMLS Licensing Exam!
0  EXPREP $69 


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Mortgage Law Exam Preparation Tools
Principles of Mortgage Lending Textbook 0  EXPREP $49 + shipping & handling