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Some thoughts from a few of our students.

"I am extremely impressed with the Cape School.  Admittedly was very nervous about the exam as I  am NOT a good test taker or "studier".  Despite the anxiety, after PASSING the first try, I walked away thinking how EASY the exam was in comparison to the trial tests and simulators used in preparation.  The Cape School helped me "over prepare" so the actual exam was a breeze! Thank you!!!"

"I just wanted to let you know that your class was very helpful in preparing me for my exam in only 3 days. I passed it on the first try on Friday. This course was the best class I've taken and was the most helpful in preparing me for everything I needed to know. I'll be coming back for my CE requirements.  Thanks again"-Eric Rehbein 

"Just wanted to say "thank you" for your timely service on reporting my CE credits to Sircon. You've won me over not only with the cost effective method of completing my CE requirements and being able to fax in my test answer sheet for 24-hour service, but also with that same day report of my course credits to Sircon. Terrific job!" W.D.

"I was one of your students last week. I just took the Natl S.A.F.E Test and I am glad to report that I passed it!. When the assistant at the test center found out I passed, she congratulated me and stated that many people had failed the test on the first try. I again want to extend my sincere appreciation for the advice, tips, and education received last week as one of your students!"

"I just wanted to let you both know how easy it was to get my CE credits done with your company!"

"I've never done my CE online before and found it very convenient. I was able to study on my own time (which as a working mother with kids in sports is not a lot!)" - L.S., Wisconsin

"Excellent customer service! Thanks a lot!" - P.R., Colorado

"…You all are terrific and I appreciate so very much all of your assistance. Thank you so much for your prompt emails & attachments and thanks for being so very helpful on the telephone as well. You do provide a great class and service." - S.P., Virginia

"Your course was absolutely the best preparation imaginable. The online exams take all the anxiety out of the physical portion of taking the exam. The material covered was dead-on." - D.H., Pennsylvania

"Again, thank you for such an excellent preparatory class last week. I am confident your study strategy is what helped me to pass the exam. I am thrilled and relieved! Not to mention, my bosses are pretty excited with my pass as well!" - D.L., Virginia

"Got it! Thanks so much. As long as you guys offer this I will never have to travel for a class again! What a relief!!" - L. J., Virginia

"I appreciate all the time & effort provided by the course instructor. My office staff & I will watch for future opportunities to attend CAPE SCHOOL Insurance Classes." - J.L., Iowa

"I recently completed your class. I was very impressed with the speed of which my processing was handled. I received the course, had time to review it on my on time line. I then took the test and was very impressed with the turn around time. I faxed the test, it was hand graded & my results were sent to me and Sircon in a very timely fashion!" - J.G., Wisconsin